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Your Next Light Source!
  • Acrich is compound with ‘AC’ and ‘rich’. Acrich operates directly from AC and DC power which is Seoul Semiconductor’s industry leading LED technology. These solutions are smaller, more efficient and less cost than convention DC driven LEDs. Seoul Semiconductors technology products includes high voltage MJT LEDs, LED drivers and AC modules to build direct AC driven solutions.

Acrich is a leader in the global solid state lighting industry.

Acrich- Simpler, smaller , lower cost and more efficient.

Acrich Products

Acrich MJT LEDs
  • Acrich MJT LEDs are a technology that provides high voltage LEDs in a single die reducing total LEDs required to drive directly off the AC line.
Acrich LED drivers
  • Acrich LED drivers are designed to eliminate bulky inefficient transformers and significantly reducing the complexity and size compared to conventional LED drivers
Acrich AC modules
  • Acrich AC modules are a complete light engine using Acrich MJT LEDs and Acrich LED drivers to produce the smallest LED light fixtures.
AC Technology Myth
Myth Truth
AC technology has high flicker Seoul Semiconductor Acrich products can achieve less than 5% flicker and comply with California Title 24 requirements
AC technology has low efficiency Acrich drivers and MJT have demonstrated light engine Efficacy or >150lm/W
AC technology has dimming problems Acrich is compatible with LE/TE or 0-10 analog dimming and has an ecosystem of over 70 different dimmers it is compatible too