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Why ? Back to Nature

Since the birth of mankind, we have been living under natural sunlight for about four million years, and our DNA and biorhythms have evolved to accommodate changes in the sunlight. Human biorhythm is adjusted to a 24-hour cycle, depending on day and night light exposure. However, artificial lighting such as fluorescent lamps and conventional LEDs contains blue light that is different from sunlight, which causes irregularity of the vital rhythm. Therefore, Seoul Semiconductor has developed SunLike, a natural light LED that reproduces sunlight as it is, to realize human-centered lighting and contribute to the improvement of human health and quality of life.

What is ?

SSunLike is a state-of-the-art light source, combination of Seoul Semiconductor's compound semiconductor technology and Toshiba Materials Co. Ltd's TRI-R color convesion phospor technology. It is the world's first technology to replace the existing conventional blue LED with the violeds LED to reduce the specific blue light to the sunlight level, realizing the light closest to nature. SunLike would express natural color just as you see under the sunlight, improve the clarity of the texts, and reduce the glare and fatigue. Furthermore, it contributes to the stabilization of the person's biorhythms, thereby enhancing concentration and quality of sleep, and contributing to the prevention of children’s myopia.

Value proposition

Recreating the sunlight spectrum, SunLike has three unique strengths by being differentiated natural light LEDs that enhances human-centeric light quality. First, it contributes to the stabilization of human biorhythms and healthy life by providing healthy light. Second, it realizes the true natural color with excellent color reproduction ratio (CRI) similar to sunlight. Third, it adds a sense of dimensionality and vitality to objects and texts beyond clarity with a glare-free light. Seoul Semiconductor’s SunLike offers unique value to customers with the world's one and only LED technology.

Back to Nature!! “Lighting Quality” = Lighting Quality = Sunshine