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CEO Message

Seoul Semiconductor, not forgetting our original intention, will build a clean, healthy and beautiful world.

Seoul Semiconductor CEO:Chung Hoon Lee
  • Life is a drawing which cannot be erased and redrawn
  • Thank you for your interest in Seoul Semiconductor. I believe a company should help the world, create value for its customers, let employees have pride and ensure the stability for its shareholders
  • Seoul Semiconductor started in 1992 with around 30 employees in a small space of a commercial building in Bongchen-dong, Seoul. We have grown exponentially over the years creating many success stories
  • With a dream that we would make our LEDs lit up even a space station, we built our company Logo and CI(Corporate Identity) in 1994 and have invested in R&D for the last two decades. Consequently, we also invented the world’s first AC driven LED technology, “Acrich”, 10 times brighter LED “nPola” and package-free LED technology “WICOP”
  • With these technologies, not forgetting our original intention, we would like to build a clean, healthy and beautiful world! Moreover, we will do our best to meet stakeholders’ expectations and requirements with our products and service and will abide by national and international standards
  • Lastly, I want to make a new history of light and wish to be a hope for young generation.
  • CEO, Seoul Semiconductor CO.Ltd, Lee Chung Hoon, Yu Hyeon Jong